You are loved by God.
He said so.
He calls you beloved
He calls you friend.

His say so is good enough
but I know He does because
He commanded me to love you.

In truth, He tied my loving him
to loving you.
He said if I love him I’ll love you
and if I don’t love you
I’ll be a liar to say I love him!

The proof that I know him
He said, is that I love you.
And if I don’t want to live my life
in darkness and stumble through life?
Yes, you guessed right- I need to love you.

So you see, He loves you.
Today I love you too.
I love you because I love Him
That’s a greater dimension of love.

Since I don’t love you
just because of you,
there is nothing you can do
to cause me to stop loving you.
You are loved and will always be.